Fire Weather Alert System


This is a research prototype that is still undergoing changes. Therefore, we do not guarantee its use or stability. However we do encourage you to try it as a proof of concept prototype. We are more than happy to hear your suggestions and ideas for changes.

If you would like to contact us for any reason, please send an email to:

Jason Forthofer - jason.forthofer@usda.gov
Natalie Wagenbrenner - natalie.s.wagenbrenner@usda.gov
Bret Butler - bret.butler@usda.gov

Set Location



Set Thresholds

Enable checks for various weather variables and enter threshold values
Each threshold is independent of the other thresholds

Alerts will be generated when relative humidity is less than the specified value.

Alerts will be generated when wind speed exceeds the set value.


Enable to receive Watches Warnings and Advisories from the National Weather Service.
Map of Active WWA
Alerts will be generated when temperature exceeds the set value.

Enable for forecasted rain, radar detected rain and recorded RAWS station precip.
Forecasted and radar detected thunderstorms.
Radar Coverage Maps
National Radar Mosaic

Select Notifcation Type


Create Alert







Clicking Go! will send a confirmation alert immediately and then an alert whenever a threshold is met until expiration.

Data Sources