Get high-resolution wind predictions on your Android or iOS mobile device. WindNinja Mobile downscales National Center for Environmental Prediction (NCEP) weather forecasts, accounting for mechanical and thermal effects of the underlying terrain, to generate high-resolution surface wind predictions for your area of interest.


  • Request and view high-resolution, near-surface wind predictions
  • View your location on the map using your device’s GPS
  • Several map layers, including topo, satellite, and TopoFire available as basemaps
  • Email and SMS notifications
  • Connectivity/cell coverage not required to view wind predictions
  • View MODIS and VIIRS fire detections and GeoMAC fire perimeters
  • View the NCEP weather model forecast (in addition to the high-resolution predictions)

Using the App

  1. Select an area of interest on the map (< 50 x 50 km).
  2. Enter a run name.
  3. Choose the forecast duration.
  4. Choose how you want to be notified when simulation is done.
  5. Click submit. You’re done!
  6. When your high-resolution output is ready, click to download and view the output on the map.


Download For iOS

Download for Android


Have a question or want to report a bug or feature request? Contact us at wind.ninja.support@gmail.com

Already familiar with desktop WindNinja?

WindNinja Mobile is a simplified interface to desktop WindNinja. It is intended to be used by on-the-ground field personnel who do not have convenient access to desktop or laptop computers. WindNinja Mobile uses the following settings:

  • Weather model initialization with the HRRR forecast
  • Domain is limited to 50 x 50 km and must be in CONUS or AK
  • A “fine” mesh resolution
  • Output wind height is 20 ft above the vegetation
  • The momentum solver is used
  • The diurnal slope wind option is turned on

More information about how WindNinja works can be found here.


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